These are Folios created gathering artwork from limited time..

CD-Rom :#00 Not Avaible Anymore.


Contains:around 460images, from 1996 to 2002. Sold Out.

This cd migth not include some images seen on the internet .

CD-Rom :#01 Not Avaible Anymore.

Contains:around 150 images, year 2003 only. Sold Out.

Plus recovered files from 96/2002.

2004 CD-Folio 2 Avaible .

24 inked images, 2 cellshade images, 11 oekaki records, 84 sketchs.

US : 15dls con price: 10dls, EU : 10euros con price: 5euros.

2005 CD-Folio :3 Avaible .

33 inked images, 7 cellshade images, 2 tones cellshade, 2 oekaki records, 59 sketchs.

US : 20dls con price: 15dls, EU : 15euros con price: 10euros.


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