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Aneirin's Den

*peeps in and wavies nerviousy* Umm hello there!

I guess I should introduce meself. I'm Aneirin the creator of theis site and the comic it's for.

I've been drawing the characters in this style since around 1993 possibly even earlier but the oldest dated sketch was for that year.

The comic is partally based on real life, each of the characters is the furry representaion of a real life friend of mine, some of the situations are purly fictional but this is just to aid the stories along but I try to get as many observations of life and conversations we've had into it.

I also have art of mine and art done for me of my characters up here. Hope my art's not too frighteningly bad for your viewing. ^_^'

Anyways if you have anything you'd like to tell me about the site (broken html notification appriciated ^_^) The e-mail addy is in the menu above.

If your feeling brave you could pop on to the Forum (link also on the menu above) and have a chat with the locals, we don't bite unless we're asked to! *grin*

Aneirin's Den is copyright © 1999 - 2002 Aneirin Greywulf. All rights reserved.