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Aneirin's Den

Welcome To my little den on the great WWWeb.

I got a new piece of art from Takeshi666 of my Arcturius character off of the Dragon-Tails IRC Channel:

For the people who know of me on mIRC here are the channel stats for the dragon-tails channel - again these are on hold as the log file got messed up during the trivia bot incident.

My Live Journal which I'll be trying to keep updated often so for the latest news on what I'm doing or have been up to check there.

Mirror sites for here are at &

Whee now 9 month's into my year stay and loving every moment of it :) - The cheap prices on DC games here in Australia has also allowed me to up my collection of games to 40, from the 11 I had before, along with a fishing controller.

Also I am now the proud owner of a GB Advance, along with Advance Wars, Castlevania and Golden Sun (I was lucky enought to get Advance Wars & Castlevania as preowned at the cost of 1 full price game for both of them)

Time and space permitting ZeroWing will be updating his site too over on ZeroWings Hanger

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