About Me
About Me

I don't have a proper art gallery and such here on The Dingo's Den as yet...

But here's some links to my:
VCL Gallery - Anthropomorphic art and sketches from 2001 onwards.
DeviantArt Gallery - Anthropomorphic art, sketches, and random crafts from 2003 onwards.
FurAffinity Gallery - Anthropomorphic art and sketches from 2003 and onwards.

This is roughly all I have so far, and each gallery has some images in them that you won't find in the rest. Sort of like an 'easter egg', or at least a good reason to visit them all.

The Dingo's Den and all content (art, written works, characters, web graphics) are, unless otherwise noted, © Brendan Moore. Please do not redistribute these images etc. without written permission from myself.