Real Name: Brendan Moore
Alias: Bingo Dingo, Benji.
Birthdate: September 4th, 1982.
Home: Brisbane, QLD Australia.
Height: 173cm (5'8").
Hair Colour: Brown.
Eye Colour: Brown.
Peircings: Left Earlobe.
Partner/Mate: Single.
Hobbies: Drawing, Used to Write, DDR, Painting Miniatures, Keeping Fit, Drawing on Jeans, Being Random, silly and a True Individual. =D
Fav. Animals: Dingoes, Dogs of most types, Cats, Magpies. I think that's about it.
Fav. Foods: Spicey Stuff, Chicken, sugar, Chocolate, Cheese
LiveJournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/b_dingo

This is Bingo Dingo, my character and fursona. His story, I wouldn't say, is a long one, but I still find it interesting.
Basically created after my initial step into the furry scene via a story I found online called Winds of Change by Jon Sleeper. After that, Bingo has since existed =3
Bingo is an anthropomorphic dingo, from the Winds of Change universe, to be honest, which is the first furry story I'd ever read after finding the fandom. So anyway, he comes at a height of 178cm(5'10")(including ears), weighing in at 78kg(169lbs).
His wardrobe changes day to day, but he'd mainly be seen in either black cargo pants with a green t-shirt and an open button-up black shirt, or as you see here, kahki cargo pants with a green t-shirt and bandanna, the colour of which is just as random (either blue, black, white or camo), or any combination of earthen colours.
His collective powers gained from the Winds universe are;
Norm-shifting, whicn can be described as the ability to change into a non-morphic version of himself, a dingo.
Metal Control. This give him complete control of any metal substance within a 20' radius of him, including changing its shape and composition to its reletive position in space.
Last but not least, a form of plasma energy (to explain the green glow in his hand there), not as strong as his metalergy, but still good for defence. Basically he can turn any matter into plasma energy at touch and store a small amount of it. He rarely uses this power, preferring to keep to blades and hand-to-hand fighting, unless he really can't be bothered.

My Furry Code
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